Mountain Top Campground is located at 873 Sun Mine Road, Tarentum,PA.  In beautiful southwestern Pennsylvania, surrounded by tree-covered hills, farm fields, and small communities. But we’re also just 5 miles from the nearest highway, and only 30 minutes northeast of downtown Pittsburgh. From here, you can easily access everything the greater Pittsburgh area has to offer in activities, entertainment, dining, and sports. Or, you can just stay at your “home away from home” and enjoy the peace, quiet, and beautiful views from your site. Either way, our location has everything you need to make the most of your stay with us.

Please be aware: Google Maps and GPS devices have frequently been routing our campers through some terrible back road “short-cuts,” including low bridges and detours.  There are also several local roads with bridges closed for replacement and other construction. Our beautiful, rural, “Mountain Top” location also means rural, mountainous roads, but we are easily accessed by even the largest RVs if you know how to go.  Please remember that we know the best route to our location and follow our directions!

Bull Creek Road is closed due to a bridge repair. Do not follow your GPS when it says to take exit 14 off of Route 28.  Instead go 2 more exits north and take exit 16. Then follow the directions listed below.


From points north: We recommend I-79 south to I-76 east (Pennsylvania Turnpike) to PA-28 north, OR I-79 south to US-422 east to PA-28 south (at Kittanning); use exit 16 then follow the directions below.

From points south: We recommend I-79 north to I-376 east to I-279 north (through downtown Pittsburgh) to PA-28 north; use exit 16 then follow the directions above.  Avoid this route during rush hour periods as it nearly always backs up with traffic.  Ask us if you need an alternate route (or just wait until rush hour is over!), but we do not recommend using I-376 between I-79 and I-76 during peak hours.

From points east: We recommend  I-76 west (Pennsylvania Turnpike) to PA-28 north; use exit 16 then follow the directions below.

From points west: We recommend  I-76 east (Pennsylvania Turnpike) to PA-28 north; use exit 16 then follow the directions below.



From any direction: Make your way to PA-28 between I-76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) to the south and US-422 to the north; take exit 16 (Freeport/Millerstown); turn onto Route 908 WEST (Millerstown Road); drive approximately 5 miles (just passed a motorcycle dealership),Turn Right at intersection onto Thompson Road; bear right onto Sun Mine Road; Mountain Top Campground is on the left at the top of the hill.